After more than 25 years, WES Consulting Company Wiesław Witek
officially ended its business activity on December 31, 2021.
(See the archive of FK WES.)

Dr. Eng. Wieslaw Witek has been an expert of SITPNiG for over 25 years and as an expert of SITPNiG he has provided and continues to provide services in the field of drilling as well as drilling machines, devices and tools. (See CV.)

Current services - only on request or a contract for specific work.

Experience gained over the years of professional work, characterized by reliability, competence, professionalism and availability, as well as cooperation (confirmed by numerous references) with business partners, where trust, reliability, professionalism and objectivity are the values that count the most, will be the best guarantee for compliance with from the assigned tasks.

I am at your service anytime and anywhere,
where your business requires it.

Contact details:

Wieslaw Witek

ul. Warszawska 17
05-504 Zlotoklos

Phone number: +48602248759


Dr. Eng. Wieslaw Witek - CV

Wiesław Witek

Educational background:

2004    Master of Law - University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Law
1978    PhD - AGH in Krakow
1970    MSc engineer - AGH in Krakow, Faculty of Mining, specialization - Drilling

Professional experience:

1995 -            SITPNiG appraiser
- from 2022, services only on request or a contract
for specific work
1995 - 2021   Economic activity Consulting Company WES
2002   PGNiG S.A. O / ZRG Krosno - contract in Oman, technical consultant
2000 - 2002   INVESTGAS S.A. - Director of Mining Investments and Exploitation
1992 - 2000   PGNiG S.A. - specialist, Head of the Drilling Technology Department, member of the Mining Rescue Council, contracting and purchase of equipment and technologies for PGNiG under a World Bank loan, equipment commissioning. Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at PN DIAMENT Zielona Góra and PSPW Krosno. Vice Chairman of the Committee of PKN No. 31 for the implementation of standards in force in the EU. Work in the committee for restructuring and privatization of PGNiG entities.
1987 - 1992   Work on foreign contracts - Kuwait, Zaire, India, Indonesia, Oman - as a Superintendent - drilling, deep hole reconstruction /H2S.CO2/ for Shell, Petrofina, ONGC, MEW.
1983 - 1987   PRWiG Warszawa, Head of the Drilling Department, Deputy Chief Engineer.
1977 - 1983   Contract work in Libya - drilling, reconstruction and exploitation of deep boreholes for MOBIL, OXY, AGIP.
1970 - 1977   FMWiG GLINIK in Gorlice - designer of drilling machines, tools and equipment, Manager of the Design Studio.

Knowledge of foreign languages:

English   - fluent in speech and writing
German, Russian   - good
Frenchi   - moderately

Professional qualifications:

- SITPNiG appraiser in the field of drilling as well, machinery     and equipmentand drilling tools. ID card No. 1214 of July 21, 1995.

- Approvals of the Mining Authority KRZ for drilling companies     and underground gas storage

- Certificates of Western companies regarding courses in the field     of hole testing and eruptive threats

- Anti-blowout course, H2S.

- Course for Supervisory Boards of State Treasury Companies. Certificate.

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