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Ladies and Gentlemen,

In connection with the official termination of the business of the Consulting Company "WES" Wiesław Witek on December 31, 2021, hereby, as the owner of the Company, I would like to thank all business partners for very valuable and useful cooperation over the last 25 years of the company's operation. The full list of companies with which FK WES had the honor and pleasure to cooperate is available on the website, but I would like to express special thanks to domestic partners such as: PGNiG S.A. together with OGIE Branches in Warsaw, Zielona Góra and Sanok, including the subsidiary EXALO DRILLING S.A., PKN ORLEN UPSTREAM limited liability company, Oil and Gas Institute in Kraków, TRANS WIERT Jasło, AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, IZOSTAL S.A., INVESTGAS - currently GAS STORAGE POLAND limited liability company, PETROBALTIC - currently Grupa LOTOS S.A., WUG Katowice and foreign partners such as: HALLIBURTON, BAKER-HUGHES, WEATHERFORD, SCHLUMBERGER, FX ENERGY, MND and many, many others.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The consulting company "WES" Wiesław Witek greatly appreciated and continues to value the main values ​​in business cooperation, and these are values ​​such as reliability, reliability, professionalism and objectivity in the assessment of many controversial issues that have to be assessed or solved in cooperation with partners, cooperation regarding difficult technical issues that accompany the exploration work for oil and gas. In many cases, this cooperation was based on expert opinions or activities, consisting in the supervision of works or rescue operations on drilling rigs, and in many cases it can be a good example of mutual understanding and respect of both parties as well as experience and professionalism.

Addressing all the companies with which FK WES cooperated without exception, I would like to express my thanks for the trust and objectivity expressed in the positive references that were sent to the address of FK WES. They constitute valuable information and confirm the above-mentioned values. These references are available on the website of FK WES.

At the same time, I would like to inform all interested parties that, as an expert of SITPNiG, I will continue to provide technical and opinion-making consultancy in the field of oil and gas exploration, drilling, drilling machinery and equipment. This activity will be carried out on the general principles applicable to contracts for commission or specific work contracts.


Consulting Company "WES" Wiesław Witek
Złotokłos, December 2021.

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